Røde Microphones


testimonial-rode“Clinton is fantastic to have on board –  he is invaluable to have for any production due to his wealth of knowledge and experience across film and audio. Finding someone that can firmly bridge both professions is rare, so we have invited him to produce a series for RØDE Microphones aimed at helping indie filmmakers improve their craft. He is driven by passion and it shows through his strong work ethic and attention to detail.”



testimonial-gregpowell“Having recently worked with Clinton on a Feature Film Project (where I was the lead Actor), I can now say that, without a doubt, he is THE most Professional – yet Relaxed DP I have ever worked with.
I’ve done many, many TVCs, Short Films, & long form Projects, and whilst everyone I’ve worked with have been good (sometimes great) they have never had ALL of Clinton’s 3 killer attributes:



1. An uncanny ability to solve problems quickly and creatively.
2. A relaxed, confident Professional Manner.
3. A Godamn Sense of Humour. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in the Film & Television Industry”.



testimonial-kayleebell”I enlisted the services of Clinton & his team to produce my Music Video ‘Unglamorous’ and found him incredibly professional to work with. His ideas and the final product he delivered  was exactly what I envisioned. His treatment was highly polished coupled with quality that looked simply fabulous!”



testimonial-benngunn“I try to only work with people who are as passionate as me about producing a premium product. Clinton Harn is always a pleasure to work with.”



testimonial-philarntz“I contacted Clinton Harn to enlist his services as an audio designer for my WWII drama “Sophie”. Clinton went the extra mile in making sure that I was happy with what I was being presented with. The quality of work he has done is simply astounding and I still have yet to encounter another person who has the same dedication and attitude in his chosen profession.”


Senior Studio Supervisor | Associate Lecturer (School of Audio Engineering, Sydney)

testimonial-peterholz”I have worked with Clinton for many years and in many different scenarios.
His musicianship is extraordinary whether it is playing, recording, mixing or producing music.
Having the opportunity to work alongside with him on a variety of film shoots has always blown my expectations out the window. It is easy to see and hear his talent in the results.
His professionalism, attention to fine detail, broad knowledge and more so his extreme passion for the craft is ever inspiring”

FOX Photography & Design


testimonial-fox“Clinton Harn is a very talented, passionate and enthusiastic Producer.  Clinton’s personality is the perfect blend of relaxed and hard working.  It never feels like work to be on a set with him because he makes getting the job done fun!  We love working with Clinton and would highly recommend Clinton’s work.  He is the ultimate professional who has an obsession with making beautiful imagery”.


VP of Sales & Marketing (Zacuto Films)

testimonial-zacuto“Clinton Harn is a pleasure to work with. He has outstanding ideas and always completes his work on time. He really goes above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with every aspect of the project. I would love to work with Clinton again!”


(Make Up Artist / SPFX / Hair Stylist) www.lisamangion.com

testimonial-lisamangion“Its always a pleasure working with Clinton. Very professional and a perfectionist at everything he does. Not only is he always organised but he forms a fun and happy environment to work in.”



testimonial-toddrobinson“Clinton Harn is a true professional in every essence of the word , with truly creative and wonderful eye for detail and a genuine passion for music and any project he commits his services too.
It has been a true pleasure to have clinton laying down drums for my latest album and a real treat to have shared this moment in time. Clinton not only amazes people with his skills but is truly an artist and professional of the highest calibre”