G-Technology EV Drives – A Secure Investment

As photographers & visual creatives we all know how important it is to have a reliable data storage solution and an efficient workflow to transfer, backup and archive media. Hearing stories of card failure and experiencing drive failure once before (luckily I was able to recover the data although it was a lengthy process), I knew investing into a redundancy system was an essential area that I needed to look into.

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The fuel to create – PAGLink Power & Battery Solutions

This is a post long time coming. One that I’m happy to describe as a celebratory event to announce the launch of my new look website. So here is the part where I tell you how busy I’ve been, as a justification of what some would describe as slackness. Well according to my endearing German web developer anyway. This one is for you Marcel. How anyone finds the time to blog & still claim they are working endlessly completely eludes me. My time has been consumed by running a business, shooting, cutting & producing paid content, which leaves me very little time to write anything measurable, unless something is too good to ignore, in this case, PAG.

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ZEISS Milvus Lenses – First Impressions (The un-edited version)

I’m not an advocate of shooting gardens, beaches, dogs and cats when it comes to quick lens test. No pun intended. And quick is certainly not ideal when it comes to a proper evaluation. Hence its probably one of many reasons why I rarely publish any test material or anything promptly. While I received the lenses a good month ahead of the official announcement, I really wanted to take my time & use them in various actual shoot applications. In that time, I’ve used the lenses on a fashion shoot, a business promo and a few stills. Despite that, I’m inclined to only provide impressions at this stage. 

Zeiss have been rather active in the last 18 months, releasing consecutive lines of Touit, Otus, Loxia and Batis lenses. The new Milvus lenses were introduced at the IBC show in Amsterdam last month. Built on the success of the revered ZE & ZF line of photographic lenses, the six lenses in this latest range have new housings, improved optics and improved coatings.

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