Clinton looks at the Paralinx Triton HDMI Wireless HD Video System

Clinton has reviewed the Paralinx Triton, a wireless video solution aimed primarily at small HDMI capable cameras, handheld gimbal systems and unmanned aerial video platforms. The Triton features a compact and lightweight design, integrated battery plates and a claimed 450′ (150m) transmission range.


The Triton uses two different type of battery systems
The Triton uses two different type of battery systems


The Triton looks to be good solution for those seeking a reliable small sized HDMI wireless transmission system. However, one strange part of the design is that the transmitter and receiver use two different battery types. The transmitter uses a Canon LP-E6 compatible battery while the receiver uses a Sony NP-F compatible battery. Most people either own Canon or Sony batteries and not both systems. Having to buy new batteries and a charger if you don’t own both LP-E6 or NP-F batteries could potentially turn potential buyers away.

The Chinese made CVW 100 bares a striking resemblance to the Triton.
The Chinese made CVW 100 bares a striking resemblance to the Triton.


One thing that several bloggers have noticed is that the Triton looks exactly like the Chinese made CVW 100 Wireless HD Video Transmitter and the specifications are very similar to the Triton apart from the transmission range which is listed as up to 100m/330ft (effective range line of sight). Interestingly enough the CVW 100 no longer seems to be listed on theirwebsite.

Like Clinton, I have also tested out the Triton and found that the transmission range is very impressive for a system at this price point. It is very functional and simple to use. I really like the Triton, I just wish they hadn’t made a system that used two different types of batteries. For more information you can go to the Paralinx website.

The Paralinx Triton on my Sony a7S
The Paralinx Triton on my Sony a7S


Triton Features Include:
– Transmit a FULL-HD signal up to 1080p/60 in REALTIME (less than 1ms)
– Up to 450 feet/140m of range
– Manual Channel Selection within 5.1-5.8GHz spectrum (8 channels)
– Transmit to unlimited receivers
– LCD displays signal strength, battery charge, and channel selection
– Cold-shoe mount for easy mounting of transmitter on a DSLR
– 1/4-20 mounting option on both transmitter and receiver
– Integrated battery plates for power on both transmitter and receiver
– 6-17V DC power input on transmitter and receiver
– 128-bit AES Encryption

Transmitter (without antennas): 118mm x 52mm x 43mm
Receiver: 118mm x 60.5mm x 44.5mm

Weight (without batteries):
Transmitter: 4.6oz / 130g
Receiver: 4.8oz / 136g

In the Box:
1 Paralinx Triton transmitter
1 Paralinx Triton receiver
1 PTap to DC power cable
1 AC Adapter
2 2dbi antennas (for transmitter)
1 Antenna mounting tool
1 additional cold-shoe mount